New Facebook Transitions HIM Page!





Responding to the growing use of web platforms in the sex industry, and the high levels of engagement that the GBTIQ2S+ community has with Health Initiative for Men (HIM) on social media (Facebook primarily), the Transitions HIM Facebook page was launched on Tuesday, January 23, 2018! The primary purpose of launching this page is to reach out to male sex workers who are active on social media platforms like Facebook, as well as their friends, acquaintances and allies. This will facilitate awareness, contact, and access to the program. Additionally, the page serves as a vehicle to spread the word on social networks about Transitions, and as a platform to share news, events, and content relevant to Transitions participants, and male sex workers. The Transitions HIM Facebook page will inform and educate our main audience (GBTIQ2S+ community) on sex work matters and strengthen the presence of the program in web platforms used by community members and guys in the sex industry. Check it out!