Computer Literacy Success!






The WISH Transitions program engaged in a partnership with WISH’s Supported Employment Program to pilot a new initiative. The four-month computer literacy program started with six participants who were learning computer skills while conducting a research project. The objective was to have this small cohort develop a Transitions specific curriculum for viably and realistically reducing dependence on sex work income for street-based survival sex workers. The group met weekly, with initial attendance and participation fluctuating between three to five people. Due to various reasons, only one person, Lori (*name changed for anonymity) had completed the program when it ended.

However, Lori thrived in this program. She developed computer skills, learned how to do research, and read two books on the topic of self-esteem and confidence. She learned how to refer to citations to find books in the public library on topics that interested her. Lori discovered that she loved doing research. She wrote a 2-page paper, on the computer using Word, on her topic “Self-Esteem and Addiction”. Lori will be supported to develop her study findings into an educational pamphlet, and eventually into workshop curriculum that she will facilitate to her peers.